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    Editing iPod Nano Footage
    Hello hello, I trust you are all well...

    Has anyone noticed that editing iPod Nano footage in FCP is rather odd? It's nearly impossible to make a clean cut! There's almost always a pause or a skip when the playhead passes over a cut. I'm finding it rather annoying.

    Of course, it may just be me. But for some reason, I doubt it.

    Would anyone care to let me know if they are having the same issues, or if there are any good ideas as to how to correct the problem? Thanks!

    Creamy C

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    I think the pros will tell you to convert the footage to an editing codec such as AIC or Prores.
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    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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    Thank you,

    So, I dumped all the .mp4 video into Compressor, and turned it into H.264. That did the trick. Thanks very much!

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