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    New trailer for film edited on MacPro/FCP

    This the new trailer for the feature film ONE NIGHT.

    ONE NIGHT is the first film from the Chicago-based Any Moment Productions. The film was entirely shot in Chicago, Illinois in HD with a Canon HV30.

    The film portrays an evening in the life of Eddie, a graphic novelist, seeking a second chance with an ex-girlfriend, the love of his life, Nina. Meanwhile, his friend Max, an artist and musician, is hoping to start a new romance on a blind date with Veronica.

    As the couples wander through the city of Chicago, determined to see the sunrise together, each must come to terms with what they find truly important in the seemingly disintegrating world around them. Despite their efforts to appear confident and successful, they are all a little lost in life.

    Funny, poetic, and emotional, the film aims to follow in the footsteps of other great Indie favorites such as Bottle Rocket, Before Sunrise, and Stranger Than Paradise.

    To find out how you can get involved in our film, to view full tech/equipment lists, cast photos, and updates, helping our film or for DVD information go to:

    Without further ado, here is the trailer:

    Thank you,
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