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    Cant play downloaded BT movies in vlc/QT
    I have recently upgraded to leopard using a downloaded moves (bittorrent) do not work in vlc or QT..previously they worked fine in tiger..I can also play avi movies that were burned to disc..any ideas?
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    Because the MPAA has finally caught up with you, hacked into your Mac and is at this very moment, watching you !

    Now perhaps.. just perhaps, if you hadn't said that your movies were illegally downloaded , (cuz come on man.. we know it, you know it, your mom knows it and your dog, most definitely knows it!), you might have gotten some help. But, you said the magic word, which all forum mods and owners slight.. Yes kids the big Ol' {T} word !

    The trick is, not to say where you got it from, K ? K.


    BTW, I in no way, shape or form advocate downloading movies from t'rnt sites. And if anyone dares to say that it might have been a free independent movie.. stop it. I'm also not saying that I respect the lawyers or suits whom work for the MPAA.. they're equally disgraceful IMHO. Or the RIAA for that matter. Or any lawyer for that matter...

    *stuffs foot back in proverbial orifice*


    Oh tEh internetzes ! How much fun is this eh ? :

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