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Thread: need an app that can handle Sony M2TS files

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    need an app that can handle Sony M2TS files
    Hi, guys, I ve just bought the new 27" imac (after much saving). I also have a Sony hdr cx11e hd camcorder, i was a little bit surprised to find that my mac doesn't like the M2TS files, that the camcorder makes. So after a bit of research it seem that VLC would solve my problems and it does....sort of, the problem is there is horrible ghosting on the image (which isn't there if fed through the camcorder to a 1080i tv or transferred via memory stick to my ps3.)

    So is there a better program for me to use?

    It's my daughters birthday on the 4 Dec and i want to use my mac to edit a nice recording for her, so any and all advice will be welcome.

    Thanks in advance


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    Search the forum. This is usually a problem when people drag the files via the Finder onto their hard drive. Otherwise, you should be able to plug in the camera, open iMovie (08 or 09) and select & import the footage.

    If you have already erased the footage from the camera, then you need to search for a conversion application.
    CameraTime - Time lapse photography for novice and advanced users.

    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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    yeah, thats sorted it for me...i should have noticed that but it slipped under my radar!

    Thank you.

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