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    Can't download and save videos on mac

    I often download videos on the internet and save them on my mac. I do this by opening the activity window and clicking on the "get-video" file or the large downloading file in the window. However, I have not been able lately to save some videos and this is driving me crazy! Most of these videos are in a file under a name like http:/ (etc), and when I click on them, all I get is another window opening up with Quicktime player instead of the usual direct download to my desktop.

    If I wait for the video to completely download, then attempt to click the file, I get:

    You don't have permission to access /video/855/887/12788558:mp4_h264_aac.mp4 on this server."

    Anybody know what is happening?

    Thanks so much for reading


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    Hmmm thanks. I am always a little uneasy about downloading new applications though. How can I be sure it is safe and won't wipe out my computer?

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