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    White Macbook to TV
    I have the 13" white Macbook (not the Macbook Pro), purchased June 2009. My TV is a JVC bought about 7 years ago. It has 3 inputs, all with RCA ports for A/V input, and one jack for a coax cable to go in.

    I have been trying to connect my macbook to my TV so I can view iTunes videos, Netflix streaming videos, and hulu on my old TV. I can't get the TV to do more than play a split second of audio with no picture before it cuts out altogether and I have a blue screen on the TV with no audio. The Mac carries on just fine.

    I have been to the Apple Store and Radio Shack, and I have bought all of the following wires and adapters:

    1. Apple Mini - DVI to Video Apapter. ( it connects to the Mac on the 3rd port down on the right side. on the other end is an S- Cable port and an RCA Yellow port)

    2. A headphone jack with red/yellow/white plugs on the other end

    3. A headphone jack with just the red and white plugs at the other end

    4. A cable with the red/yellow/white plugs on wither end

    5. An S - Cable with an S-Cable male on one end and a yellow RCA male on the other end.

    My question is: to get the macbook to show up on my monitor with full audio and visual what needs to connect with what, in what order?

    and also, am I missing a cord or an adapter that I need to make it work.

    ALSO: When I use the headphone jack with the RCA y/w/r males on the other end to connect my iPod to my TV, I have to reverse the red and Yellow wires on my tv (I put the red cable in the yellow port and the yellow cable in the red port) in order for it to work. Does this effect how I would connect my laptop to the RCA ports also?

    I am a complete technological idiot, so any answers that can be as explicit, detailed, and dumbed-down would be greatly appreciated. i've looked around and tried just about everything I can think of, and I am at wit's end. Any help would earn my undying gratitude, for whatever thats worth...

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    If your TV RCA ports are yellow, red, and white...

    For the Macbook, you match the colors...

    Video: Yellow port from mini video adapter to yellow port on TV. Sounds like cable 4 might have that. Both ends need to be male. If cable file has both male ends, then use that instead.

    Audio: cable 3.

    Cable 4 can be used as an extension if one end has male connectors and the other end has female connectors.

    As for the iPod (Photo or 'with video' I'm guessing), cable 2 with the messed up color coordination, thanks to Apple's misguided marketing scam. Yes, I have a strong opinion on this. Apple does sell their own over priced cable for your iPod where the colors are corrected for their messed up iPod engineering.

    Here are the iPod details when using a standard cable. Note that the link has a second page that explains the color swapping.
    CameraTime - Time lapse photography for novice and advanced users.

    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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