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    Question Picture-in-Picture in iMovie '09...
    I am currently making a video for my friend for her birthday.
    I am trying to do the picture in picture effect.
    I have enabled advanced tools, and I can do picture in picture so far, but only for clip. (I mean, I can only put a clip in another clip, not to clips in one.)

    Essentially, i want to do what this person on youtube did.
    (Look at the 1:56 until the end)
    YouTube - HappySlip Jingle

    If you did look, she had 6 different videos inside one video.
    I tried doing that, but iMovie only lets me one in one.
    I can not add more than one and have them both go at the same time is one video.
    Any Ideas?

    I am running iMovie '09 8.0.5

    Can you only do what the person in you-tube did on an earlier version of iMovie, say iMovie HD?

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    iMovie 09 doesn't allow that, directly. I don't recall that iMHD had that ability either. Fancier software would be required such as Final Cut Express or better.

    You could cheat. Create one PIP, export the sequence, import that result, add another PIP, export the new sequence, import the result, etc. The big issue would be the timing on voices or music. Also getting the images perfectly aligned might be an issue.
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