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Thread: External Video Capture Devices??

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    Question External Video Capture Devices??
    I am a video editor who uses Final Cut Pro all the time. For fun and practice I recently had an idea to record basketball games and movies to my HD DVR box from Time Warner Cable and then upload them to my computer just to fool around with. I'm also an avid PS3 gamer and would love to be able to record footage of my gaming directly to my computer, too (I have an Intel iMac G5 3.06 ghz from May 2008).

    Unfortunately, I don't really know how to go about shopping for a device that can achieve what I want. For example, I have seen El Gato devices and Miglia devices online, but are these really what I need? I feel like I'm paying for a lot of bells and whistles when I have no intention on using any of these features.

    For example, I already have an HD DVR box that allows me to watch TV, pause it, fast forward, and rewind whenever I want, so I really have no intent on watching live TV on my computer at all. The only thing I need is something that will capture anything that is showing on the TV, whether it's a previously recorded program from my DVR box or something that can capture live video game footage, and save to my hard drive.

    I would prefer an HD solution. However, for a standard def solution, would it be possible to record to MiniDV by connecting a standard AV cable from the cable box to my GL1 video camera? If so, it'd be fairly simple to import to FCP this way. But like I said I'd really like to have a device that can capture HD quality footage.

    Anyone have some ideas?

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    If your DVR has a firewire port it may b possible to capture from there to the computer. I have had some success with this though it will not have much luck with copy protected programs. Here's a link with some information to get you started. box%2Btv. I am now using a program AVC Noodle for this.

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