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    Budget green screen - where to get material?
    I've been reading about the topic "green screen on a budget" and would like to start doing this kind of work. I have Final Cut Pro and have looked at several tutorials that show you how to do the chroma keying...I just don't have a "green screen".

    Several people have suggested using a green fabric. Great...

    The problem is that I am having a hard time finding fabric that is wider than ~4 feet. Any ideas? I've gone to fabric stores like Jo-Anns fabric, etc. After looking at me weird, they can't help much. They don't have anything wide enough. Ideally I am looking for something 6-8 feet wide so that I can stand in front of the wall and move around a little bit, rather than just sit in a chair or remain stationary.

    Maybe use a bed sheet?

    I lease my house, so I can't paint the wall - that was my next idea.


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    Just done a Google on green screen on a budget and got millions of results.

    If you can't get the fabric locally then you need to either look further away from home or order something online. I imagine that both will be the same sort of cost due to postage costs online.

    If you can find a bed sheet that is dark enough and not see-through then that would work. Of course, you can use a the blue colour for the chroma key as well.

    If you want to do this on a budget then fabric is going to be your best option I'm afraid...

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    Yeah...I've done google searches also. Most of what I find focuses more on how to work with the software, etc., not the actual SOURCE of the material.

    You read "get a piece of green material" or "paint the wall green"...

    Great. I can't paint the wall and I WOULD go buy the fabric if I could find a place. I prefer to buy in person so that I can see the actual color of the material. Unless of course it was specifically designed for this purpose and I could trust the color selection, but then it would probably cost a fortune.

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    Why can't you buy multiple pieces of fabric and then just sew them together?
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    That is a possiblity, but I was concerned about how the seam would show up.

    Maybe that is the way to go...hoping to get some feedback on that from people who have done it.

    Then again, I don't know how to sew... I guess I would have to pay to have someone do that. But if that's the way to go, then I'll go that route.

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