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    opening imovie HD movies in iMovie '09....

    Is there any way to open an imovie HD file in iMovie '09 with Snow Leopard?

    I just transferred my iMovie HD files form my Powerbook G4 to my macbook pro which has iMovie '09.

    Is the only way to do this is to convert to a quicktime?

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    Dec 30, 2006
    I'm having the same issue. Just bought a new Mac with iLife 09 and none of my old movies will open in iMovie 09. The original clips and all the titles, effects, etc are in separate files and do not bear any resemblance to a completed movie. I think we're "screwt."

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    I just found this in the iMovie 09 HELP

    Importing video from iMovie HD projects
    You can import video from existing iMovie HD projects. New Events and projects are created from the existing iMovie project video clips. Only the source video is imported; any additions or changes you’ve made to the video in your project are not imported.
    When you import video from iMovie HD projects:
    All clips from the clip viewer are added to a new Event.
    All clips from the timeline are added to a new project.
    Any clip that was dragged into the project from the Finder is not added to the new project.
    All transitions are replaced by cross-dissolve transitions.
    No titles or effects that were applied to the video are transferred to the new project.
    No music is transferred to the new project.
    Any clip that was dragged into the project from the Finder is not imported; only video clips that were imported from a camcorder into the original iMovie HD project are imported to the new project.

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    That matches closely with what I just read. Some users have apparently had success exporting the iMovie HD project as a Quicktime movie file and importing that into '09 Unlocking iMovie '09: iMovie '09 and Previous iMovie Versions
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    You could load iMovie HD onto your new system. That way you don't lose those things that don't transfer. I haven't noticed if iMHD has any known issues with SL.
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