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Thread: iMovie Sound Issues

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    Nov 09, 2009
    iMovie Sound Issues
    Hi Guys

    Really sorry if this has been posted before but I couldn't find anything similar.

    I am running iMovie '09 (v.8.0.5[820]) on a 2GHz standard Macbook (with Mac OS X Version 10.5.8) and have created an iMovie project of a snowboarding holiday we had with some friends.

    This is my second iMovie project (the first went without a hitch) and therefore a bit more ambitious. It is 1hr23mins long with transitions, titles, chapter marks, music...the works.

    The project runs really well in iMovie and I was really excited to export/share it so I could burn a DVD using iDVD.

    Unfortunately 5 of the 20 chapters export with distorted sound. By this I mean that the resultant files seem to play ok until the 4th chapter which plays as per the project but with an EXTRA layer of audio from other scenes within the project. As I say all other audio plays fine but just with this extra audio in the background.

    This is really frustrating and I have done the project for a friends 30th birthday party so would be really grateful for any support/advice you can offer. Obviously it took me hours and hours to create so starting again would be horrific....

    Thanks in advance for your help - please let me know if I need to add more info for you to help.

    Which reminds me, in 'Share' I have tried sharing with iDVD, itunes and Media Browser as well as 'export movie' with the same end result (same places).



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    Nov 10, 2009
    Me too!
    Hi Jason

    I am having exactly the same problem!!! It is really frustrating. One thing I did was to mute the sound in the clip that was incorrectly playing but this will obviously mean you can't hear it at all so this may not work for you. The other thing I did was remove the clip, but this is quite a drastic solution.

    I have contacted Apple Support and they tell me it must be because something in my project is corrupt but there is no easy way to sort this out except to start the whole project again - aagh!!!!!!

    If i find anything else out I will let you know. (I am on the iMAc 4GHz machine but with the same iLife 09 software.


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    Nov 09, 2009
    Thanks Vickster

    It is really frustrating for sure - appreciate your post and will try muting the clip. I tried detaching the sound from the offending video clips and putting some slow-mo clips back to normal speed but it had no effect!

    I will let you know how I get on



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    Jan 21, 2010
    Oh well
    same here...

    It seems to be a bug in iMovie, isn't it? I have the same problem... hours of work and . I did two movies and have had the same problem with the first movie. Then I changed export settings of sound-quality from "optimal" to "better" and this worked fine. The whole movie (2:45 hours in length) was exported perfectly with all sounds in the right place. So I thought this setting would solve my problems in the future. But now after I'm done with the second movie (length 2:15 hours), the problem is here again...disordered sound after export. This time there's no chance to correct the problem. This is really confusing me.

    I hope somebody can help.

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    Feb 16, 2010
    Possible solution
    Listen up,
    I found out elsewhere that the problem lies with video that has slow motion. You cant use custom speeds like 80% or 120%. you must use the prescribed presets ie. 25%, 50%, 150%...

    Havent tried it myself but would appreciate if someone did and let me know...

    Good luck...

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    Sep 07, 2010
    Hi Pete, Thanks a lot for the tip, sure it did work, I have changed the slow motion to all the clips that were manipulated to the standards(50,25,200 etc) problem solved, I have recover 2 works and now are fine, thanks a lot I was so frustrated with this issue as the rest of us, I was thinking serious to return to Final Cut..

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    Sep 11, 2010
    FYI guys, it helps to not only use the preset slow mo settings, but to also mute the video clip where you're hearing the audio bits (you may have to split the vid clip to isolate the audio). Once you've muted the audio, then detach it, select the detached audio (purple track) and delete it as well.

    It's a shame that iMovie is such a good program and Apple refuses or neglects to fix this longstanding issue. It's been around since iMovie was released and there are tons of topics related to on the Apple Support forums.

    I've notice more recently I have a new audio problem. Now if I add audio clips to my movie (after having added a soundtrack) the newly inserted audio tracks don't follow directions and refuse to duck correctly or reflect the levels that I've set in the audio adjustments. Let's say I adjust one of the audio clips to only 10% volume, it still plays at 100%. Same happens if I adjust that same audio track to 200% volume, it still plays at 100%.

    Johnny, why did you leave Final Cut behind? I am just starting to migrate my projects to it. Granted iMovie is easier, but it seems to be limited. Maybe I don't have enough experience with FCP tho. Just curious...

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    Sep 07, 2010
    final cut
    Hi soulshaker, excuse my bad english, I am from mexico. I love final cut and I use this for a very professional projects as weddings or very special work where special audio effect or video effects are required, Final cut allow you to do a very detail work, but also require you to spend 3-4 more time vs Imovie since you have to deal with longer time RENDERS, also you have to have a very fast equipment, I have a MAC PRO where I use Final cut and give me a very decent render time, for the other hand I have a Lap Top Mac PRO I7 for my personal hobbies as family vacations, parties,reunions, my son dancing presentation etc.. I use Imovie since allow you to do enough effects and very decent video and audio works in a very short time, I try to install Final cut in my lap top and the render time kill my patience so I remove it. Hope I have clarify and not panning to kill the intention for you to use Final Cut, but need to have the right equipment, Johnny

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    Apr 13, 2011
    Hi i need help...i recently edited a movie on i movie on my macbook pro!When i export the movie there are audio track not muted and some audio tracks overlaps some clips...i tripple checked if i muted them but doesnt export it the wright way!!!HOW CAN I FIX THIS PROBLEM????

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