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    Talking Putting your 8mm movies on to you New iMac.
    Ok, so I have been having major issues over the last few years trying to get my old 8mm movies on to my computer. I had a PC before and spent lots of money buying several devices that didn't work. So one of the items I bought was a Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge off E-bay. Well the iMac would recognize the device but it would not recognize the camcorder (Sony DCR-TRV310). So it didn't work on the iMac for me and that is the whole point of me getting a iMac. I really think it is my Camcorder though. My old camcorder may of worked before but it is in really bad shape from many years of abuse. I dropped it from about ceiling height before and I sent it to Sony to get it repaired. It has never been the same since, as many more years have pasted and now it is missing the eye piece and doesn't open and close correctly ect. So if you are wanting to get your analog 8 mm, Hi-8, and Digital 8 movies onto your computer all you need to do is just go buy a Sony Video Walkman GV-D800 off Ebay or Craigslist ect. They are expensive and Sony no longer makes them, but I only paid like $300 plus shipping. It is working just great though and worth every penny. I can just plug it straight into the new iMac without any special devices and it works great in iMovie too. All you do is go from the DV in/out on the device with a 4 pin to 6 pin wire and a 6 pin to 800 Firewire (think it is a 9 pin) adapter into the iMac. Bought the adapter from the Mac store. I am so happy now that this is finally working and it is not a problem anymore. My 8mm's are in Digital format now and they have sound too. This player is so great!

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    Thanks for letting people know of that device.

    The manual I found for that camera says that is has an i.Link (Firewire) port. That should have allowed you to use the camera with your iMac and with a PC with a Firewire port.
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