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    iMovie 09' Not Recognizing my Camcorder all of a Sudden
    Around five months ago I got a Canon FS10.
    It's always worked perfectly but around three or four days ago I lost the charger chord for it.
    I've got another Canon camera and I did find another chord for it.
    It really looked the same but in all honesty, their was just something about it that looked a bit different.

    So when I plug the chord in to the wall and put the USB chords in to the computer and open iMovie all of sudden my FS10 is no longer detected??

    Keep in mind everything is virtually the same./Same USB chord, and ports/Basically the same power chord, and keep in mind it does work.

    But iMovie no longer detects any camera.

    Weird thing is. My computer does detect the camera. Just not iMovie.
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    Try booting the computer with the camcorder connected. Then launch iMovie.
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