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    Voice output gets clipped in the export
    Hi guys,

    I dont know how to explain this problem but here goes, i am exporting my movie with the H.264 compression and a .mov file.

    When I see the final output movie it is fine for a while than the video and the audio looses sync, i mean I am saying a different thing on screen and the voice is saying something different.

    Does anybody know how to correct this and I hope I am clear about my problem and havent confused u guys...


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    Oct 23, 2009
    I am using FCP 7

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    Normally, I'd say it sounds like a dropframe/non-dropframe issue - BUT I do remember having some trouble with using the quicktime conversion to convert video footage - the problem can end up where it guesses wrong on your timebase. If you go into your quicktime conversion, and on the video portion, click settings - and where it says Framerate - most likely it currently is set to "Current" - change that to what your video frame rate really is (most likely 29.97 or 59.94) and re-export and see what happens.

    You can tell what your frame rate is set to - if you look at your project area, where it shows the sequence and the video capture files, if you scroll across that table, you'll se a section that states Vid Rate; that number *should* be accurate, and usually is the same between the video source files and your sequence.

    ps - what you're referring to is an audio sync problem (or audio / video sync issue) - not a clipping issue. When people refer to clipping issues - they are referring to audio exceeding maximum levels causing a flattop on waveforms - hence clipping the tops and/or bottoms of audio. This might help explain it a bit better: - otherwise, your title would have been clearer with - audio going out of sync with video when exported.
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