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Thread: imovie/idvd 09

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    imovie/idvd 09
    hi all

    just sent a project to idvd and picked one of the menu screen selections but on the Revolution one is there any way to change the wording going around the clip being played on the dvd menu screen?


    in imovie how can i select a external harddrive to save all projects,works and imports to as when importing it will only allow me to select the macbook HDD


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    i found saving a project to an external hard drive an issue aswel. The way around it is, make the file in imovie, then before you import all the video info, save it over to your hard drive. Then open it up again, this time it will save to its original location, that being the x hardrive.

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    For the Revolution text, I think it only takes on the title that is near the top. Double click that, change the text, then click somewhere else to de-select it. The change will appear.

    When you import video, a window pops up. Near the top of that window is a popup that allows you to choose the drive. That is the same window where you use a current event or set a name for a new one.

    If you want to move events to another drive, hook it up and it should appear in the even library list on the left side. Drag the event to be moved to that other drive. You may have to also remove it from the previous drive. You can do the same thing with projects I think, but when creating them, you may have have to first hi-lite the drive of choice.

    There are several folders iMovie creates in your Movies folder by default. They are "iMovie Events", "iMovie Projects", and when needed "iMovie Sharing" and I think "iMovie Original from speed conversion". I just noticed that last one. Anyway, the first two can also exist on the top level of external drives. NEVER mess with these files as far as changing their names or moving them out of their place. Yes, it can be manually moved, if you know what you are doing.

    P.S. Now that I thing about it, "iMovie Original from speed conversion" is probably a backup I made due to some processing I did.
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    cheers guys

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