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    Final Cut Studio serial number error
    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has had an issue with Final Cut Studio rejecting a Final Cut serial number. We have a Mac G5 and just got a new Mac Pro. The G5 has Final Cut & DVD Studio Pro on it. Legitimate copies with legitimate serial numbers.

    Since the computer is an older model with a Motorola-based chipset and the software is too old to work with some of the newer file formats we decided to buy the Final Cut Studio upgrade (spoke with the Apple rep at the time who assured me that you can upgrade from any non-academic version). I went to install Final Cut Studio on the new Mac Pro but when I entered the serial number from the old Final Cut I got an "invalid serial number" error. I have no idea where the actual disks are - we have moved since the original installation - even though I did find the box and the manuals so I read the serial number off the opening Final Cut screen of the G5. The serial number format is: X-000-XXX-000-XXX-000-XXX-000-XXX-XXX (with the Xs representing letters and the 0s representing numbers). Even if I did find the original disks I don't think I could install the old Final Cut first and then use the upgrade disks as the new machine probably can't read stuff meant for the old machines. Any ideas?


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    I'm sure I've heard of this and I think the solution is to call Apple.
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    I believe that the old version must be installed in order to install the upgrade. Like xstep suggested Apple is the best place to get the answer to your question.
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    Final Cut Studio serial number error - follow-up
    Just wanted to let everyone know that I figured this out eventually. The problem was ... ME! Duh! Most of the upgrade software I used in the past just wanted the serial number for the original full version. So that's what I was typing in. Turns out that for Final Cut Studio there is an upgrade serial number on the back of a little booklet. You have to enter this when you are first prompted and after it accepts the number you are prompted for the serial number you originally had. Did I ever feel stupid on the phone with Apple. Told the guy I was sorry for wasting his time and that I would just hang up now. Lol. Embarrassing. The Apple support folks are so nice though.

    Thanks for the replies and for trying to help.

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