I'm trying to figure out a solution to a video need. We are running multiple presentation computers through a video switch (hardware based). It works, but I would like to run them through one mac as a software switch.

Here's my primary need -and I'm wondering if anyone here knows what could work. We have a Mac Pro doing our heavy lifting, and it is the final computer link before projectors. We have one, sometimes two other guest computers that are used for simple presentation-usually a keynote or powerpoint, or image display.

I have custom software on the Mac Pro which allows me to feed videos, in-house presentations, and handles all camera feeds. When a guest is then using the system, we push them in through the hardware switch. I would like to take their computer (VGA/DVI/whatever works) video output, and convert it to a dv/hdv stream and connect via firewire. This way it shows up as a 'camera'. Minimal latency is ok given there will be no audio link.

In otherwords, I want to make a software switch, where I can turn on 'Camera 5' and just feed the guest computer. When I am done I can return to whatever camera needed.

I looked into tuner/capture solutions, but they appear to be all recording to files, rather than simply showing up as a stream input. I found a few that can, but they are NTSC boxes running 720x480. I need at least 1280x720 to project.

I realize a hardware solution is typically cheaper, but does anybody know of any kind of solution for inputting another computer as a DV stream without killing resolution?