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    Importing files from dvd?

    I have a burt DVD which i made a few years ago. I want to take some of the video files off the dvd to use in a portfolio. I dont know how to go about this, in the dvd contents in Finder there is an AUDIO_TS and a VIDEO+TS file and lots of other files inside them. Am i going about it in the right way or should i get some screen recording software and use that?

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    From your description, this is a DVD you made (I assume with video content you edited/shot/etc.) - with no copy protection, it's easy - download a free program called Handbrake, and you can use that to rip the video to a file (like .mov or .mp4, etc.)

    It's really easy to use, but will not work on dvds with copyprotection / encryption
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    get handbrake and rip it out.

    you can rip the entire movie or individual "chapters"

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