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    Movie-like dimensions?
    I've made a little animation and i want to burn ito onto a disc to view on my samsung tv. However, every time i burn something, it fits onto the screen vertically (actually a bit over it as well), not horizontally, and I'm using 16:9. It's like it's zoomed . I want it to fit it onto my tv screen horizontally like actual movies. Is there a way?

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    Question for you:
    does the picture go all the way edge to edge as well, and cuts off the sides? if it does:

    Check your TV (or receiver if you have a receiver sitting between your dvd player and your TV converting the signal from the dvd player to HDMI) settings - most widescreen TVs have a variety of display modes, including:
    It sounds like your TV is set to one of the zoom modes to make it fit the top and bottom of the TV.
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    nope didn't help

    It was on 16:9 and the rest of the the settings wasn't what I was looking for either :S

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    It sounds like the material and the TV are 16:9. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    How does the movie look like when played back in QuickTime Player? When using Info command of QT, what are the dimensions? How does it look when the burned DVD is played using DVD Player in OS X? Are you in a NTSC or PAL country and have you chosen the right one when creating the DVD? Did you choose 16:9 for the project in iDVD?
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