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    I made a movie in wide screen, but I wanted full screen
    I am new to the Mac world since April. I have imovie 09. I created a 54 minute movie, saved it in Quicktime and uploaded it to idvd. (I had to save it in Quicktime because when sent it directly from iMovie to iDVD, it was always corrupted.) I tried to watch it on my tv at home, but because it is in widescreen, I am missing a little bit of the movie on all four sides. I've called the Apple hotline 3 different times and they can't figure out how to reformat it in full screen. I tried their three suggestions and nothing works and I am wasting DVD's. Does anyone have an idea that might help me. Thanks.

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    there is a setting in iDVD to switch between 16:9 to 4:3, just select 4:3 for Full Screen...
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    It sounds like; you created a 16:9 movie and exported as 16:9; you created an iDVD project as 4:3; you then played the 4:3 project onto a wide screen TV, thereby giving you black bars on top and sides of the video. This is makes sense to me because the playback is consistent of a 4:3 picture within a wide screen space which would force bars on the sides.

    I think you want to set your iDVD project to be 16:9.

    P.S. Remember you are creating a standard definition project with iDVD. It does not encode HD. So it will be like playing a regular Hollywood DVD instead of a Blu-Ray high quality disc. If it matters to you, you can produce Blu-Ray content on a Mac.
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