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Thread: How do I burn a movie onto DVD from Mac Mini

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    How do I burn a movie onto DVD from Mac Mini

    I have recently created my first short movie using iMovie on my Mac Mini. However I have been unable so far to burn the movie onto a dvd. I purchased my Mac Mini approx. 14 months ago and it does not have a disc burner. I have a disc burner on my pc laptop but have been unable to transfer the movie from my mac to my pc.

    Today I purchased an external disk drive (specfically to transfer the movie from my mac to my pc) but whenever I try to export the movie to the external hard drive i get the error message '..error code - 61...'

    Does any one have any suggestions please?

    Thank you.


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    14 Months ago? I could swear at that time the mini was by default coming with the super drives, which are DVD recorders - unless you bought old stock or a used/refurb model?

    Well, regardless - what you'll need to do is author the DVD - you can't just take the movie file from iMovie and burn it to a DVD and expect it to work - you'll want to use iDVD (as a convenience) and author your DVD, creating your menus, importing your footage, etc. It should then be able to create a image of the disc if you do in fact not have a DVD burner in your mini. If iDVD creates an image, you'll end up with a .dmg file, which will need to b converted to a .iso so that your windows box will be able to burn it properly. You can either do this on the Mac by:

    How To Convert DMG To ISO on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux

    or on the pc using a utility like:

    Convert dmg to iso with dmg2iso
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    Have you formated the new drive on the Mac? If not, it might be formatted for a version os Windows that OS X can't write to.
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