I'm new here ad my name is Vladimir.

I hope I'm on the right thread..
Here is the problem:
I have mac pro 2.66 Ghz quad-core intel Xeon - 4GB 1066 Mhz DDR3 - Nvidia 125GT.
I have done a partition for windows XP3 with Bootcamp.
I use VLC for the most video clips (and MAC and Windows).

On windows the AVCHD clips from SONY camera (which are on my HD) can be read very good and normal from VLC and also from the SONY's special software).

On MAC the same clips cannot be read neither from Quick time player nor VLC nor Toast video player. They start and they are frozen after 2 sec. I had that on my old PC with windows XP1 which had an old card and was not able to read new video files.

Do I miss a codec somewhere?

TY very much