in the even library section, usually it would state all the events with the clips and projects on them, but all it says in my library is "last import".

whenver i create a new event or project it doesnt appear in imovie! only on macHD or whever i have saved it. i do have it, but theres just no way of getting it onto imovie! this never use to happen, i dont remember if i adjusted anything or when i film using isight on imovie, it doesnt import straight to imovie, it goes to my folder on macHD. ive tried coverting the file because draging it, and importing it from the file menu doesnt work. PLEASE help! this is URGENT for my school assignment!

* i want to reinstall it but i dont own this mac, nor do i have the software cd to do so so that is not an option. i have also tried converting the files, and playing around with settings, NOTHINGS working. help!!