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    iStopMotion aspect ratio problem

    I need to create a movie at 1534 by 873 pixels, which is perfectly 16/9.
    Though, when I add my photos (4608/2592), iStopMotion cuts a bit from the top and the bottom.
    At first I thought the initial resolution wasn't right, so i tried with the original resolution of the pictures (4608/2592). Still it it cuts of the same bit.
    That is not right at all.

    The problem doesn't occur when i use the 16/9 preset of IstopMotion, but then the resolution isn't big enough. Can I maybe use the preset, but adjust the resolution?

    Thanks in advance for your help. My deadline is rushing in atm, so fast help is ever more appreciated.


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    First, 16/9 is 1.77777777778, while 1534/873 is 1.75715922108, so your value is not 'perfectly 16/9' and that is likely why the image is cropping. Also, why such an odd pixel measurement when the common 16:9 measurements are 1920x1080 and 1280x720?

    I don't have the Pro version, but perhaps you need to choose Customize for size when creating a project. My Home version is limited to NTSC/PAL analog sizes so I can't tell you the details.
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    I do use customize for the size. And I agree it is not exactly 16/9, but it cuts of a really significant part of the picture, far more then the difference between 1.77777777778 and 1.75715922108

    the weird pixel ratio was in the assignment for school. I'll try using HD, and resize it later

    *edit: forgot to thank you for your reaction: Thanks!

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