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    Can't import anything into iMovie '09
    I've tried all of the following things:

    1) Using Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD to convert my old home videos (they save as .mpg files)
    2) Using my Nikon CoolPix to shoot videos (they save as .avi files)
    3) Using my iPhone 3GS to shoot videos (they save as .mov files)

    None of these will import into iMovie. I've tried the drag and drop method as well as the file>import method. And in the Roxio program they have an "export to iMovie" button. I get an error message every time. In the case of the .avi files it says error -43, in the export form Roxio it says error -5000. The .mov files don't produce an error message, but when I attempt to import, nothing happens (if I import from the file menu the status bar pops up and immediately disappears with no progress). Any ideas?

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    For the iPhone .mov files...

    Confirm that they play in QuickTime Player.

    Look in all of the events in the 'Even Library' in iMovie. The progress may be fast because perhaps no conversion is necessary.

    Look in the 'iMovie Events' folder in your 'Movies' folder to see if you can find the movie.

    Check the Console app after an attempted import to see if it logged any errors related to iMovie.

    Perhaps delete the iMovie preference file in your 'Library/Preferences' folder.

    The .mpg files can likely be converted with MPEG Streamclip. The .avi files can likely be converted, but open one in QuickTime Player and do a Command-I to get codec information. You'll need to know that if conversion is required.
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    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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