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    Quicktime - no image / sometimes sound
    I'm having issues with Quicktime, and others such as VCL when playing movies/video content.

    Sometimes I get sound with a white screen, sometimes video with no sound. I imagine it's down to having the right codecs. As a recent switcher, I'm probably missing something important. Can you recommend?

    I have DivX, xVid.

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    What type are the files? Having DivX installed will only help if the files are DivX files.

    If you right click the files > Get Info > General, what does it say for "Kind"?
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    I would try this. I've never ever had to install any type of codec for my Mac. The only time I ever had to do that was when I wanted QuickTimes to play avi format.

    VLC has never let me down with any media type so far. I'm also curious as to what video format and file that is giving you these problems.

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