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Thread: Compression settings for Youtube, not HD, Widescreen....

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    Compression settings for Youtube, not HD, Widescreen....
    This is my problem:
    I have the canon HV20 HD camera. I'm shooting live music concerts. I make my one song edit with the title and the ending that I shot it and want to put it on youtube.. but not in HD, because then people will download it. I want it viewed in good quality.. but not the best quality as how I shot it, to protect my work. I want the best quality I can get viewed, without it being something that someone can copy and have in their possession.
    I don't trade.. I give it to the band.. I will put up maybe three songs for each concert.. but want the quality less than what my camera recorded it.

    I have imovie 5 .. I capture the song DV-NTSC widescreen. All the tutorials currently are for HD, so I'm just lost with the correct settings. You may look at some of what I've tried. I did the same song two times.. with different settings. The songs are lagging.. or pixelled, in the worst case.
    My channel is Truelenscanada on youtube.
    The oldest video on there someone else did for me on a pc.
    If someone can guide me to a tutorial or give me some setting suggestions. I"m told MPeg-4, I used that.. H.264.. I'm doing that. I think I mess up with the widescreen part.. the old tutorials are not widescreen, the new ones are HD. I need widescreen.. but not HD, but want the people to see a real good video so they will go to the show.. in another town. I do close ups so I don't want it to look scary.

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    Are you recording to your camera in HD? It sounds like you are capturing to iMovie in a lower quality although that version handles your cameras HDV capability. This will lower the quality because DV-NTSC widescreen only uses 720 pixels for the width, the same as it would use for the 4:3 standard width. An embedded flag tells the player what to do with it.

    I'm not sure where I found it on YouTube's site, but the difference between HD and HQ is defined by the vertical size you upload. In your case it sounds like you want to create a video that is 853x480 which is what DV-NTSC widescreen would translate to. (I noticed two of your videos look narrow.) It will end up having the HQ option, but not the HD option. Experiment by uploading a video in private mode.

    Oh, make sure your iMovie project is wide screen to begin with. That might be why you have the narrow video with black bars. Someone else may have a better explanation.

    You might want to review my video guides. One discusses manual export from iMovie and the other discusses exporting for YouTube.
    CameraTime - Time lapse photography for novice and advanced users.

    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

    Please post your results to the thread as it is good feedback.

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