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    Convert WMV Files
    I have some WMV video files from some bonus DVD included from a copy of XP I purchased in 2003, this DVD includes lots of bonus features including movies, so I would like to be able to play back these movies. However, they seem to have DRM on them of some sort. Opening in VLC yields rainbow bars like a TV with a bad signal, and iSquint cannot convert them. When I booted into my win7 partition and attempted to play with WMP, it said it needed to download usage rights- does anyone know of a way I can convert these movies to another format? If they have DRM on them it will be a 2003 technology, as that's when the metadata says they were created.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Unfortunately, breaking DRM would constitute a violation of the US DMCA - and since we don't discuss illegal activity at this forum, we can not assist.
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