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    imovie 09 won't export to 'HD'
    I have recently exported a movie to 'HD' from the 'share' and 'export movie' options in imovie09. However I was not completely satisfied as although it looks great on my display a couple of transitions have not rendered very well and have distorted a bit. I therefore thought I would delete the rendered movie and export again to see if it would be better the second time around. So I deleted the movie and started another import. However, although it started the process by saying 'exporting movie' it never got onto the stage where you get a bar and it counts down the time remaining. Instead, after about thirty seconds it just stopped with no message. When I then went onto my hard drive my old movie had reappeared in it's old location even though I had deleted it and emptied the trash. I then looked at the project in imovie and could see the 'HD' symbol to the left of it highlighted. I am assuming that because this is there it will not let you do another export as 'HD'.

    I would appreciate it if anyone could explain this and let me know of a workaround.


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    First, I can assure you that once you empty the trash, the files have been removed.

    What occurred was that iMovie keeps hidden copies of exports within the project. When you went to re-export it, iMovie noticed that identical request and used that hidden file. That is why the export seemed so fast. Alter the project in some way, and the export will take a while.

    That 'HD' symbol lets you know you have done an HD export and iM09 knows this because of that hidden file. It does not stop you from doing another one.

    Play that second exported movie. I expect it will be in Hi-Def.
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    Thanks so much for your reply. You are of course spot on. As soon as I changed the project I was able to re-render.

    It's always the simplest things - I would have puzzled over that for ages.


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