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Thread: quality loss from iMovie '06...

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    quality loss from iMovie '06...
    I have recently gotten into video editing like a lot of people who ask questions on this board, and I am having a slight problem with quality loss when I export my iMovie project to iDVD. The project is about an hour long and the DV file is about 20 gig. It looks great in iMovie but when it is transfered to iDVD (TAKES FOREVER) it takes a big hit in quality. Could this be because it has to cram over 20 gig into less than 5? or could it be the file format iDVD converts it to or what? Any help would be great on the compression or anything else that could help me keep the quality at a DVD grade. If I need to use ffmpegx to compress to different format, I could do that too. Thanks for any help.

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    iDVD - under the Preference => project tab

    what is you encoding set to Professional Quality / High Quality / Best Performance ?
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    Actually it was set to best performance, it had me set it to that because it was too long and wouldnt fit the dvd I think.

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    I guess Professional Quality would be the way to go huh? Is iDVD capable of burning to dual layer or is it impossible to encode to Professional with a long video?

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    How are you transferring your edited video to iDVD?

    If your drive can burn a dual layer DVD, then iDVD can take advantage of that. Open "System Profiler" in the Utilities folder. Under the Hardware section, click on "Disk Burning" and look at "DVD-Write". If you can burn dual layer it will have DL somewhere in that line, if I recall right.

    In the "Project Info" window of iDVD there is a "DVD Type" choice. If it is grayed out, you probably don't have a DL drive.

    BTW, I figure a 20GB DV file to be about an hour & a half of video.
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