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    iDVD is cutting the edge of my movie off
    Howdy people,

    PLease can anyone help?

    Using iDVD within iLife 09, can anyone tell me what setting to play with so that when I play a my DVD on my widescreen TV (through a DVD player) IT DOES NOT CHOP OFF THE EDGES OF MY MOVIE!


    k rgds Jonyfoz

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    Can you be more descriptive? Chop off - is the footage looking like a square in the center of the screen (4:3)? Does it look widescreen but the edges (or the tops and bottoms) are cut off? Is the footage widescreen? If it's widescreen, did you tick the 16:9 setting in iDVD? Have you checked the footage prior to importing into iDVD to make sure it looks right?
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    Also note that if you watched your burned DVD on a TV you always lose some information on the edges (Safe Areas).
    This however depends on the television you have (CRT or LCD/TFT/Plasma etc).
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