Using Leopard on a mac mini

I used the mass storage option on my Sony Ericsson (because the file transfer option isn't compatible with mac) to get videos of my kid onto my Mac Mini, but they came out with "3ivx trial expired" written all over them.

I went to the 3ivx site and sort of gleaned that 3ivx is some sort of decoding software to turn mp4 files into files you can actually watch because quicktme is rubbish. (Am I correct?)

I went to the 3ivx site and the Shop page doesn't work!

It really annoys me that I buy a mac for it's video editing properties and find hidden costs and problems so it can't even do that. AAARRGG! I don't even know how much this 3ivx costs. What the heck are macs even good at, because it isn't video?

Can anyone help me out, all these weird file types and "compatible with this and that" confuses the heck out of me. I just wanna take videos and play them on my mac, they play on the phone without 3ivx.

Please help before I smash some electronics.

Ewan, slowly going off macs.