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    IMAC for File Cut ?

    I want to buy a mac for editing my videos captured with a dv camera. I know there are two edition video software: iMovie and File Cut Pro. My question is:

    With this Imac specificactions is enough to have a good performance with File Cut Pro??:

    Core 2 Duo Intel 2,66 GHz
    4GB RAM
    1TB HardDisk
    NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!

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    There is also the option of Final Cut Express.

    Final Cut Pro is part of Final Cut Studio which currently costs $999. Final Cut Express costs $199. Final Cut Studio is a complete package with advanced tools as well as advanced DVD authoring. Final Cut Express is a good editor, but doesn't offer DVD authoring (you'd still need to use something like iDVD or MovieGate or Toast to author) or the more advanced features of the extra software within FCS. I'd say really look at what you want to do before committing to buy FCS as it is a financial investment and if all you really need is a timeline and better HD support, FCE might be a better option and then you can still use iDVD to author.

    There have been many threads on this recently - that machine will work for iMovie, Final Cut Express or Final Cut Studio. There are some advanced features in Color (a part of FCS) that will most likely not work due to the amount of ram available to the video chipset.

    A better option is having a discrete graphics subsystem with dedicated video ram @ 512mb. But, what you have listed will work - I use a similar class system for some of my editing on FCS2 (current version purchasable is FCS3) but with the nature of the system and graphics you will have fewer real time playback effects before rendering is required. Make sure your external hard drive is in a Firewire chassis and not USB if you can avoid it as you will get superior performance with a FW800 drive hooked up for your editing.
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