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    Unhappy Ratio problems in Final cut pro
    hi guys

    Im having some problems in final cut.
    I shot some footage in 16:9 and then used the wrong capture settings to capture (DVPAL 48kHz) instead of (DVPAL 48kHz Anamorphic).

    is there anyway i can export the footage as true 16:9 without loosing quality or picture??

    so far i have been trying different export setting and sequence setting and stuff and im starting to loose my mind.

    i realize that i could just re-import the footage but i have imported a lot and i dont want to have to do this. could i export to tape maybe and then try to re capture with correct settings?

    another thing to bare in mind is that lots of the footage will have to go through adobe after effects, could this be used at all to change the ratio?

    thanks for any help

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    If you scroll along to the right in the browser window there is a column called "Anamorphic", place a tick in that box and it will be as if you had captured it in as anamorphic in the first place.

    I'm not sure what you mean by true 16:9, as you didn't shoot in true 16:9.
    You shot at 720x576px, but as it is anamorphic you are displaying it stretched to 1024x576.

    When you're in After Effects, make your comp 720x576 anamorphic rather than 1024x576, as you don't want two different ratios unless you need to, as one of them will have to be rendered to fit.

    Hope that helps.

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    yeah thanks for your help

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