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    Image problems with iMovie09
    I just completed my first movie using photos I took on a Las Vegas trip. I got everything edited just fine in iMovie 09 and then exported to iDVD. When I play the DVD, most pictures have a "waviness" around edges or in complex designs (kind of a moire effect). This is really annoying and makes a lot of the images look really bad and hard to view. Is there any way to solve this?

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    That's something that comes with using the "Ken Burns" effect on patterns and viewing them on low res (DVD is 480p max) output.

    Its tough, because you probably won't ever notice it until you've output it.
    You can simply use no motion on the offending images or you can try opening them in an image editor and doing a subtle Gaussian blur on the specific areas that are waving. The latter may be tedious and destructive though.
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