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    Burned DVD missing sound
    Using a Mac Ti I am trying to burn a personal DVD onto an external Firewire Lacie (Pioneer 106D). LaCie uses Toast 5.2.2 Lite which has buffer underrun protection so i can burn at 4x with no trouble. Toast Ti 6 does not have buffer underrun.
    So I have to use Data with Toast.

    I use DVDbackup1.3 to rip the DVD and DVD2oneX (movie only, set to constant and selct AC3 2 ch for the audio.. I check the
    I've readwhere others have no problem.

    My DVD machine reads the finished DVD and it is shows the 1st section as
    DVD VTS_01_1.VOB
    and the remaing sections as
    VCD VTS_01_2.VOB ,and so on.

    Tthe DVD section has sound, the VCD sections have no sound.

    How do I get all the sections to have sound?

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    [Solved the problem

    dvd2oneX does not create ane AUDIO_TS folder
    To burn a compressed file in toast, create a new folder named AUDIO_TS.
    create another new folder with the name of the file. Place the VIDEO-TS and the AUDIO_TS folders in the "name" folder and drag the name folder to toast. then burn.


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    thanks for the info. i just upgraded to toast 6 and noticed a lot of stuff different

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