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    Some problems exporting from FCP to youtube in HD
    I use compressor to export video. It uses the h.26 codec and I am doing 30 keyframes, restricting my video to 3000kbps. I am trying to export as 720p.

    I am trying to export a five minute video, and it is taking nearly an hour. I knew exporting HD took a while, but really? An hour for five minutes?

    Am I doing something wrong? Another problem is a test export, a video that ran 55 seconds is about 600MB.

    Anyone know how I can fix this?
    I have seen all the guides to uploading to youtube, but my videos are always over the 2GB limit and it takes over an hour for anything 5 minutes plus when exporting.
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    Compressor is a great program BUT it is slow as christmas. I've got a video now I'm compressing from AIC 720p60 to mp4 h264, 4500kbps it's a 45 min video and it's looking to take about 4 hours or so (possibly more - that was the estimate when I left for work this morning, I won't know if that time is extended until I get home for lunch). The more the video is changed, the longer it takes to do the work (in my case, the original video has a much higher kbps, and I'm doing a bit of a crop). Some converters I've used are faster then others. You can try to just export your video to quicktime mov, then use something like mpegstreamclip or even from the final cut pro - instead of using compressor, try quicktime conversion.

    You've got some hinky settings I know that - I've exported a 13 minute video H.264, ~4000kbps, 720p30 and the file is about 270ish megs - it did take about 40 minutes to export (this one was done in FCE using quicktime conversion, master video was 1080i).

    Just some thoughts.
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    It is most likely multi-pass. Create a new setting exactly the same but uncheck the multi pass option.

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