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    Good Mac Video Converter
    Can anyone recommend a good Mac Video Converter?

    Mainly going from Quicktime (.mov) to Flash (.flv)



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    ffmpegX will do that

    make sure you read the install page carefully, there are 3 more components to download

    ffmpegX a DVD, SVCD, VCD, CVD, VOB, DivX, XviD, H.264, PSP, iPod, MP4, MOV, FLV encoder for Mac OSX
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    Or use QuickTime Pro to make H.264 files, that are now fully supported in Flash.
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    Ben, as far as I know, QTP doesn't create flash files, one of the requirements of the OP.
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    Yes, Flash ... it does the .mov to .flv conversion very well ... and much more of course :-)

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    Hi All

    If I can piggyback this post....

    I've got a very short QT movie that I have put on a temporary website. On my iMac it displays just as it should.

    My friends without a Mac (and QT) see nothing, of course...

    So I've tried to convert it to Flash which hopefully will be viewable by all.

    I've had no luck trying to convert it with FFmpegX - it goes through the motion of converting it, but VLC pops up with an error - see attached file.

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction please?

    Oh the website is just in case it's worth looking at the original movie file. The site is Temporary! Heh Heh!

    Picture 1.png

    Cheers Mitcherooney

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    For me I use visual hub. But it is discontinued by the developer. He is working on a successor app though. Still it's a shame as I use visual hub for all kinds of video format conversions and it works a treat. Even for flash (.flv) files.

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    Well... there ar many software available in the market thatcan do te job of conversin of your QuickTime MOV videos. You can without hesitantly opt for QuickTime converter Mac for conversion of Mov files to FLV. Just try out this very tool for your FLV conversion... it will really work of luck..

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    Aug 10, 2009
    Replying to the8thark's comment. Yes Visualhub has been discontinued but it's been a reborn and is now known as FilmRedux. In case you'd like to check it out.

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