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    Serious Problem - My iDVD project 4:3, crops on TV. Need an URGENT fix!
    I created a 6 disk DVD training program, with Screenflow>iMovie>iDVD. People now want to watch it on a TV, but it crops, I discovered the 'Safe TV' issue only after the project was finished.

    I can't seem to resize the Screenflow footage to fit. Tried iMovie and iDVD but can't find any settings that help.

    Is there any way to convert it to fit in the Safe TV area. I need to retain the clarity of the screen capture.

    Someone suggested running all the footage through Final Cut Pro to resize.

    All URGENT help would be appreciated as the program is ready to distribute.

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    As far as I know, neither iDVD or iMovie will allow you to make that adjustment. Apparently some DVD players can zoom out to effectively display your whole picture. Some TVs may have a switch, but that is unlikely.

    You could import the video that you exported from iMovie and used for iDVD into Final Cut and Shrink the image. You likely will loose some detail.

    There are two areas of concern; title safe, and action safe. In Final Cut you can set up guides for the approximation of each. It isn't exact because TVs aren't exact. When you see those guides, you would resize your image and export. I think you end up with a black frame as opposed to white. The frame may or may not been seen by some viewers.
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    The Fix
    Many thanks to xstep - spot on and the comments are well worth reading!

    We fixed it by taking the iMovie footage back through Adobe Premier, but Final Cut Pro or Extreme does the job also. xstpe comments of the 'safe' areas are correct. Either program offers you 2 'safe' borders.

    Adobe, didn't offer the same save 'format option' as iMovie saves in, but Jason used the '3 or 4' similar one and it worked, not sure of the exact details.

    The problem was fixed and the DVD are now being copied and distributed.

    If you need more specific details email me at & I'll get Jason to type up a run sheet & forward it to you!

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