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    .mov to .flv converter
    Can anyone recommend a mac friendly .mov to .flv video converter program. I also need a watermark function. producing my own videos to publish to a website I am creating. Don't want to use youtube services if I can help it. Searching apple help and quicktime pro help, quicktime pro withj perian does not do this, doesn't recognize the format in or out. Using final cut express and it doesn't output to (save as) flv (flash video format). With all the hubbub about the mac environment being so graphicly superior, all my searchiong has not found a clean, quick way to do what is such a popular and needed service. I wish a mac developer would create the software to do this in one package that I would pay good money for. I have learned a lot through this process, and I can help anyone with similar questions.

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    Try mpeg streamclip it is free and is a very reliable converter.

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