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    Problem playing HD movies from Mac pro
    I have attached my Mac Pro 2008 to a HDTV using DVI. I am playing .mkv files at either 720p or 1080p. No matter what program (VLC, Flip4Mac, Miro or DivX) I use to play these files, I always get intermittent horizontal lines on my HD Screen. I can play these files with no problem on my computer screen.
    Why won't my HDTV play these files cleanly?
    Thank you

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    There may be a few issues... firstly, not all HDTVs are meant to display computer-based images just because they have a DVI port. Those DVI's are the first-gen HD ports, which was dropped in favor of HDMI. The ports were meant mainly for cable set-top boxes or Tivo-type boxes to display HD content in NTSC. Your Macbook Pro DVI is probably DVI-I and so is your TV probably. The specs for your TV DVI-I are probably RGB, so it needs a device that sends its color-space signal in RGB. The biggest problem comes with not all HDTV's w/DVI being able to work as a monitor - they can not handle the different refresh rates that a computer DVI sends out. In particular one HDTV I own that has a DVI port is a Sony 30" HDTV CRT-based TV with the super fine pitch screen. The manual clearly states it can not be used as a monitor - only as a TV with proper HD signal equipment.

    If I knew your model HDTV - I could find out the specs... but dollars to doughnuts, it is not meant to be a HD monitor like most LCDs lately.


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    One other lil tidbit... if your HDTV can be used as a monitor (LCD HDTV) - then you have to set your display card resolution to match your HDTV native resolution or you will not get the best results (example: 1366x768 = 720p). My son uses a Westinghouse 32" HDTV as his computer monitor and gaming screen. This HDTV has a VGA input port - this mates perfectly from the computer because it is the standard for computers... He jus uses a DVI to VGA cable and the TV and computer resolve all the refresh issues. Technically his TV is a LCD HD monitor with a TV card soldered onto the motherboard and not a pure HDTV like some others.

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