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Thread: Splitting up .avi files

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    Desolate One
    Splitting up .avi files
    Just like the topic says, I'd like to split up a large .avi file into several smaller files. Is there software that will let me do this? I haven't tried it yet but is that something iMovie can do? -No, just tried opening the file w/ iMovie. No dice.


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    Desolate One
    Anyone here use Hyperengine-AV? -Didn't work.

    Found one that did. Explicit.

    Works great for a simple split, but in my case I had a 2 hour+ file I wanted to split multiple times. Some of the later files came out with their audio/video slightly out of sync. Also the preview window didn't work, so I had to open the file in my media player, skip ahead to the point I wanted split, then input the time manually into Explicit.

    Just wanted to edit this post incase anyone else was looking for the same .avi splitting feature.

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