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    Ok seriously, I don't mind paying for things and doing it the "legal" way. But c'mon! I just dropped a ton of money on my new MacBook last week, i've been saving for a while. Now they want me to pay $40 for the manual that tells me how to use the programs, WTF!
    Does anyone know another way to get ahold of an ILife 09 manual, or specifically IMovie 09 and IDVD?
    I know they have tutorials and stuff but thats a pain to do every step of the way and IMovie 09 is completely different from IMovie 08 which i was used to.

    Alright, i''m done complaining but if anyone has any advice i'd really appreciate it.

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    As far as I know, Apple hasn't written a book for iLife. Amazon should be good for check reviews of what is available.

    First check the "Getting Started PDF" under the Help menu for iDVD.

    I don't find iMovie 08 much different than 09. Play the "Welcome to iMovie" under the iMovie Help menu.

    Also, try using the help to find answers. They tend to be decent.
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