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    Question iDVD with external dvd burner?
    I just recently got my mac mini and starting to play around with the programs that came with it - mainly iLife 05. When I got my mini I decided not to go with the CTO route via, instead I got the standard 1.4 model from the apple store.

    I was throwing around the idea of getting a superdrive built in, but for $100 I didn't find it that needed (especially since I have a decent DVD burner in my PC). Now after playing around with some of the features of iDVD I'm starting to think twice about it. I know that once I load iDVD it says that no superdrive is found and will not be able to burn the DVD project. I was wondering if their was a way to either link my current burner which is on my PC to my mac and use as a DVD burner compatable with iDVD (don't think that would work) or if I were to purchase a external DVD drive, would it detect the dvd burner and let me create projects and burn them to DVD medium?

    Thanks in advance.

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    In iDVD there is an option to Save as Disc Image (under the file menu). This will render the whole dvd and save it as a img file. You can burn that file with Disk Utility or Toast on an external drive
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