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    using imovie in conjunction with FCP - issues?
    Hi all,

    i have recently purchased a macbook pro - 1.8ghz, 2gb ram.

    I am creating fairly short movies/interviews for which i want to edit in final cut 5.1

    to do so, I am shooting the movie in imovie, using the iscreen video capture

    then exporting through quicktime to do final edit in FCP

    2 questions -

    1) is it normal for a 20 minute video capture in imovie to take up to 3 hours when exporting to quicktime? and if so, can anybody advise me on how to speed up this process?

    2) FCP rendering - when in FCP I have recently noticed that the rendering for say a 30 second clip is taking up to 10 minutes to complete

    When my friend was showing me how to use the FCP program it didn't seem to take nearly as long?

    I did have more than 1 sequence open at one time, with each project linking to the same media source, would this have made such a difference?

    if anybody has any advice on a better way of working, again, much appreciated.

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    I don't know what this iscreen thing is you are talking about. iMovie can capture video by it self.

    What version of iMovie are you using? What version of FCP are you using.

    I'd convert from the motion jpeg that I see iMovie 09 makes to QuickTime with the AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) with 48kHz audio, or to a DV stream. One of those should make FC happy. The audio might have to be Linear PCM.

    You are asking the conversion to do a lot of work, so 3 hours for 20 minutes may not be that bad. The codec settings you choose can affect that time. Your problem, besides not having a top of the line Mac Pro, is you have a narrow set of codecs that you want to import to FCP.

    That rendering problem sounds weird. Perhaps that is because you choose an unfriendly codec. The two mentioned above may help.

    What I mean by friendly codec is that FCP will not have to do as much work when it comes to its rendering. If you bring in an unfriendly format, FCP seems to render the entire track when you do anything with it. A friendly track will have rendered only those parts that need a change, say for a cross over effect. Same with audio tracks.
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