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    Hauppauge HD PVR on EyeTV
    About 9 months ago I purchased an EyeTV 250 Plus to use to record video games. So far I've been frustrated with several things. One of those problems is widescreen. One of my pet peeves is full screen, especially when there's possible widescreen, like Youtube (Which is where I wanted to put most of my videos). So far I haven't been able to find a way to either record the video in widescreen (And I mean something different that changing the aspect ratio so that it cuts off the top and bottom of the screen) or export it correctly in good quality while in widescreen.

    My other problem was overall quality. The basic quality of the recording isn't horrible, but yet it doesn't fulfill my expectations, which as you can tell by now are high. I've messed around with the settings on multiple occasions and have never been able to find one that meets my expectations (Some of my problems have been the sharpness of the picture, the color and as I've already stated, widescreen).

    So here comes the main question. I have recently been searching for a new capture card, mainly one that is high definition. While looking I found the Hauppauge HD PVR. This capture card stood out to me for two main reasons: It is decently cheep, and it is also recently compatible with the software EyeTV (The software used for the EyeTV 250 Plus). My question is whether I should have the same problems with EyeTV if I bought the Hauppauge HD PVR.

    PS. If you know of any other softwares that would work with the Hauppauge HD PVR on the mac, please let me know. I'm just wondering whether I could save some money by staying with EyeTV. Also, if you know good settings to try with the EyeTV 250. Plus please let me know so I could try it out.

    Much Thanks!

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    Have you tried setting the quality to "High (DVD 90 minutes)"? Or setting it to a custom setting? You're not going to get better resolution than what your cable provider can do btw.

    Also if your cable provider is not providing widescreen, then you're not going to record widescreen. Although if your games/tv is widescreen then you should be able to record as is.. in widescreen...

    What your cable company is sending you is going to make all the difference with whatever card you have as far as I know.

    Maybe someone else that knows a bit more about this stuff will be able to help more than I can

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    Yes I have tried "High (DVD 90 minutes)", and I've also set the custom settings to as high encoding as you can get. And like I'd said, I'm using my EyeTV for video games, so quality of tv recording isn't as big of a priority for me. Thanks for the reply though!

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