My first post here and I am new to the world of video editing, so if I am asking obvious questions I will apologize now :-D.

My problem is that I have recently shot some video in what I thought was HD resolution (1920x1200) AVI format (compression is h264), I have since learnt that this is infact 16:10 and not 16:9, my main problem is that I want to edit this in iMovie.

So, the first task I needed to-do was convert the video into something that iMovie can handle, so I used my copy of quicktime pro to get it into .mov and maintain all the quality, the file size went from 500mb to around 2.2gb, but this seemed fine for now as I thought I could easily compress it back to AVI or something similar once I have completed the edit.

All was going well until I realized that when importing movie clips into iMovie 09 it only seems to allow 16:9 (1920x1080), which is fine but then I am left with the choice of either cropping my movie at the top or bottom, or adding bars into the movie to create the new aspect, which again I don't really want to-do.

Would I be correct in assuming that my options are as follows?

1) Don't use iMovie 09 to edit my video and find some other Mac or Windows based software that will allow me to import 16:10 without cropping?

2) Reshoot the video from source again at 16:9

3) Convert it and live with either cropping or adding bars to create the new aspect ratio?

Any help on this would be appreciated and again, I am very new to this so my terminology and knowledge is more than likely not accurate :-)