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    iTunes movies arent syncing on my iPod

    so i imported 3 movies into my iTunes movie library, and they work fine on my iTunes, they are mp4 and everything, the only thing is that when i attach my iPod, they dont sync to it, there are other movies that have the same settings and all, and they all work on m iPod but yeah, these movies just dont.

    also when i go into the iPod page on iTunes, into the movies tab and go itno the list these thrree movies are grey instead of black, indicating a difference, but i cant figure out whats different.

    can you help please?


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    I would do a Command-I on the files and compare image size, total bit rate, video codec, profile, etc.

    There are limits to what an iPod will play so try finding that information and comparing it to your files. Since I don't have a iPod that does video, I've never had to be concerned with this issue.
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