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    Question Export to MPEG-2
    I canít fit the MPEG-2 on 4.7 DVD media. I used to be able to use Peak-3 software to compress the audio but since I got the FCP Studio 2, canít use it any longer. Does anyone have any idea what else I can do to make it smaller?
    Thank you.

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    You have said too little, so I'll assume...

    If you are creating a DVD video disc, you use Compressor to make your MPEG-2 video and the appropriate audio files. Within Compressor you can set the compression elements for both. This assumes you are using DVD Studio Pro to create that disc.

    iDVD or some other software changes the responses you'll receive.
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    When asking questions, post the version of your software. You'll receive better answers.

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    Yes, indeed I said too little. I'm using Compressor but for some reason size of the MPEG-2 that I got exceeded the capacity of the 4.7GB disc and it's only 1 hour and 50 min. video. I did export to MPEG-2 again using 150 min. option instead of 120 min. and finally got the size that I needed; I don't know how that works.
    Thank you anyway.

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