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    Can I record raw video from my Canon XH-A1 HDV directly to FCP 6.0?
    Hi recently traded my PC editing station for a MacBook Pro.

    Was wondering if there is anyway to record raw video from my Canon XH-A1 HDV camcorder directly onto my MBP using Final Cut Pro 6.0 and not using the DV tape mechanism in on camera.

    I know that Adobe On-Location CS4 will do what I want, but I can't afford to buy a copy right now. I understand you can record video using a new feature in Quicktime Pro, but so far I haven't been able to make it work.

    I just want to get around recording to tape and hopefully lengthen the life of my camera's tape drive mechanism.

    All thoughts, experience on this subject would be greatly appreciated
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    You should be able to record via the firewire cable. Im just not sure what the codec will be. You would use the 'Capture Now' option. iMovie can do this too.
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